Laurel and Jenny are the hosts of the comedy podcast F THIS PLAYDATE. They play with the boundaries and expectations of females in a world of polite playdate chit chat and smiling pretty for the camera. From the ass-wiping trenches of child rearing, they share their existential crises, all the while embracing their deep animal love for their young. Laurel and Jenny playfully explore the realities of  marrying young, “pushing babies out their pussies,” and living with the fact that they never had the chance to properly sleep around. From fantasy celebrity boyfriends to searching for “what it all means,” they embrace their tribe and invite you into their safe house. Men and women alike, you’ll laugh your balls off. No thank you cards necessary.


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Listener Reviews

“Crazy funny podcast series. Laurel and Jenny take the outwardly mundane world of being a wife and a mother and expose it in unexpected ways. They turn their quick-witted and often dirty humor on themselves as they spill the beans on their own parent- and partner-related topics and take them to a level that is shocking, relatable, and laugh out loud hilarious. They blend humor that is fresh and honest, with wit, wisdom, and musings that are warmly delivered and leave you feeling like you have made two new friends.”
–Nashville, Tennessee

 “It won’t take you long to figure out what the “F” stands for, which, if you are a parent, you already knew. In the spirit of “All Joy and No Fun,” and ANY Louis CK episode on parenting, Jenny and Laurel discuss toddler subject-hoping, rating sex with your partner, the soul-crushing aspect of making kids’ lunches, period flow as it relates to personal mania, getting married young, being a human toilet seat (a useful tip, actually) how much you would either need to be paid or pay to have sex with Clint Eastwood, Michael Fassbender, etc.
The show is funny. Funny as F. It’s feminist, it’s progressive humor, it’s psychology, it’s smart, it’s existential questions, it’s excellent running playlists, it’s sometimes taboo (the need for yoga moves that address bedroom position neck-pain) and, maybe the main reason I listen, after all the humor, is the friendship/not alone angle: it’s a warm feeling of someone else “getting it” and “getting you”. We’re in this together, we might as well get some laffs out of it.  FthisPlaydate is what Lena Dunham, Amy Poehler, Sarah Silverman and the like listen to in their free time, I’m certain.”
–New York, New York

“Laurel and Jenny have something really special going on with F This Playdate. They have me laughing out loud each week and then moments later have me pondering meaningful questions about life, motherhood, and just being a human being. I have never been so entertained and enlightened by a podcast before. They are simply amazing!”
–Los Angeles, CA

“Laurel and Jenny are the kind of confidantes you can only dream of:  smart, irreverent, hilarious, they won’t judge you if you forget your kid in the produce section en route to the bookstore; in fact, they might get there before you.  These two make real motherhood real:  it’s all about balance. Your funniest girlfriends are almost this funny, but might not get this transparent with you.  Hear, hear!”
–Montclair, NJ