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Ep. 70: We Go Together  | Laurel and Jenny talk a delayed holiday recap, dong, and indecent proposals.


Ep. 69: Business is Booming | Laurel and Jenny talk bumming a smoke off Jon Hamm, teaching Hammertime, and the vagina’s suit of armor.


Ep. 68: Christina P | Laurel, Jenny, and special guest Christina P talk Christina’s new Netflix special “Mother Inferior”, bad boundaries, poking a bear, toilet kids, and fancy coffee.


Ep. 67: Good Luck | Laurel and Jenny talk spitting skills, hard numbers, and Whitney Bobby friend love.


Ep. 66: No Big Deal | Laurel and Jenny talk Jenny’s denial, Gosling on the streets, and parrots that need to bang.


Ep. 65: Take a Hike | Laurel and Jenny talk OCD kisses, the silent macho, and Paul Newman’s soul.


Ep. 64: Go, Girl, Go! | Laurel and Jenny talk pimping ponies, passing the junk, and firemen selfies.


Ep. 63: She’s A Lot Of Fun | Laurel and Jenny talk the Equinox meat market, Aaron’s priorities, and Magic Mike sightings.


Ep. 62: Never Say Never | Laurel and Jenny talk classic Ds, dat ass and dat soul, and Bieber hypotheticals.


Ep. 61: The Cheerleaders | Laurel and Jenny talk scrapper lunches, uber spirituality, and the slow dance.


Ep. 60: Life Is a Mystery | Laurel and Jenny talk the head case Bachelor, Jenny being nice to old dudes, and not faking orgasms.


Ep. 59: Too Funky |  Laurel and Jenny talk 80s memory lane, NYE house party, and Jenny’s brass knuckles.


Ep. 58: Keep the Magic Going | Laurel and Jenny talk Fassbender and Bruce wrapped in a bow, Christmas heroes, and inviting yourself over.


Ep. 57: Dateable | Laurel and Jenny talk referee love, Jenny and Trump’s arranged marriage, and Channing’s vulnerability.


Ep. 56: Sweet Dreams | Laurel and Jenny talk the gift of dude dreams, LeBron’s stature, the church of Drake, and the original father figure.


Ep. 55: Nikka Costa | Laurel, Jenny, and special guest Nikka Costa talk the creativity/parenting juggle, temptations of a third child, kid party horror stories, and performing with Prince.


Ep. 54: Hidden Treasure | Laurel and Jenny talk Aaron’s questions on women, talk Laurel’s poison theory, and explore the female pleasure web.


Ep. 53: The Pleasure Principle | Laurel and Jenny talk being born to roast, reality smack downs, and Chipette fact checking.


Ep. 52: How to Catch a Unicorn | Laurel, Jenny, and special guest Maria Hunt of Unicorn Moms talk wholesomeness, rule breakers, and letting it all hang out.


Ep. 51: Keep Them Dirty | Laurel and Jenny talk summer recap, liquor store boyfriends, and fried wires.


Ep. 50: Faith Salie | Laurel, Jenny, and special guest Faith Salie talk Faith’s new book “Approval Junkie”, steel nipples, and gratitude.


Ep. 49: The Wildlings | Laurel and Jenny talk hitchhiking critters, battery refusal, and playdates with Madonna.


Ep. 48: Sierra Swan | Laurel, Jenny and special guest Sierra Swan talk touring, FUPAs, and sniffing out breeders.


Ep. 47: Andrew Miano | Laurel, Jenny, and special guest Andrew Miano talk wearing your best jeans, drama nerds, and magic vaginas.


Ep. 46: Where’s the Line? | Laurel and Jenny talk 80s parenting, Goonies, and presidential hard numbers.


Ep. 45: Check Yourself  | Laurel and Jenny talk divorce experiments, Mother’s Day recaps, and the School of eBay.


Ep. 44: Hot Monks | Laurel and Jenny talk ideal PMS zones, dog toddlers, and a period halfway house.


Ep. 43: Gold Medalists | Laurel and Jenny talk being born to “F”, useless night partners, and city camping.


Ep. 42: Pelvic Aftershocks | Laurel and Jenny talk placenta shooters, how not to catch a mouse, and Jenny’s sexual awakening to Future the hip hop artist.


Ep. 41: Maya Rudolph Returns | Maya, Laurel and Jenny talk “Galentine’s” Day, playdate perceptions, self-inflicted husband haircuts, “pee sneeze” techniques, roasting chickens and changing tampons, Norma Rae and Molly Ringwald, wet nurses, relentless baby fever, and ditching society.


Ep. 40: On the Oregon Trail | Laurel and Jenny talk love overflow, marital bets, and creepy eye contact.


Ep. 39: The Grandmasters | Laurel and Jenny talk holiday heroism, fake babies, and new dudes for the new year.


Ep. 38: I Dare You Laurel and Jenny talk barking up the wrong tree, measuring your flow, and more hard numbers.


Ep. 37: Side Business | Laurel and Jenny talk movie magic, shoplifters, and a lost tooth detective.


Ep. 36: Life Sandwich | Laurel and Jenny talk “shoulds,” track pant swagger, and showing some respect.


Ep. 35: The Game | Laurel and Jenny talk coliseum life, messing with lion cubs, and dumpster diving.


Ep. 34: So Much Exposure | Laurel and Jenny talk having a penis, Jenny’s common ground with Fetty Wap, and failed NASCAR meetups.


Ep. 33: How To Get It Fresh | Laurel and Jenny talk IUD gift bags, Burger King trauma, and bringing the shhh.


Ep. 32: So Emotional, Baby | Laurel and Jenny talk bastards, dramatic party goers, and Jenny’s deranged road trip voice.


Ep. 31: Can’t Scratch That Itch | Laurel and Jenny talk Fassbender screenings, campsite mutiny, and pulling a Michael Landon.


Ep. 30: Couldn’t Be Better | Laurel and Jenny talk Laurel’s poetry corner, rotten sandwiches, and making Courtney Love proud.


Ep. 29: Mary Lynn Rajskub | Laurel, Jenny and special guest Mary Lynn Rajskub refuse to be desensitized: they talk the spiritual wisdom of Jim Carey, doing what you gotta do with a period, celebrity car racing, 24, mediocre OBGYNs, and hard numbers.


Ep. 28: Liz Cackowski | Jenny sets Laurel up on a “mom blind date” with comedy writer and actress Liz Cackowski. They talk Disney miracles, pull-out babies, the definition of grit, life in the NYC woods, and tequila birth companions.


Ep. 27: Give Me One Reason | Laurel and Jenny talk marriage bounce threats, symptoms of d*cksickness, and the dust out state of mind.


Ep. 26: The Smell of Endless Possibilities | Laurel and Jenny talk withholding the wink from pro ballers, Laurel’s “street” babysitters, and Jenny’s lace bra and panty clad masseuse.


Ep. 25: The Absent-Minded Vagina | Laurel and Jenny talk entrepreneurial uses for period and cervical fluids, the crime of boredom, and crotch package checking.


Ep. 24: Thrill of the Chase | Laurel and Jenny talk pride in operations, becoming professional party fluffers, and 50 Cent’s “21 Questions.”

Ep. 23: Period Bang Out
| Laurel and Jenny talk all things period, hitting the jackpot of dreams, and the origins of tiny protests.

Ep. 22: Carlos Ricketts Jr.
| Special Guest Carlos Ricketts Jr. uses his voice and encourages others to do the same. Laurel, Jenny and Carlos talk tales from the road, how to be YOU with no apologies, threats of Angie’s List, just wanting to be heard, calling on the customer service of life, and drunk Frank Sinatra impersonations.


Ep. 21: Sinbad | Special Guest Sinbad life coaches Laurel and Jenny, imparting his wisdom for the New Year. They talk hippy parents with rules, how to manage monogamy outrage, objecting to voicemail, how to make someone take a “look” back, using cheaters to pay your bills, how to straight talk your AND other people’s kids, dreams of backup dancing for Madonna, and so much MORE.

Ep. 20: Maya Rudolph
| Special Guest Maya Rudolph plays doctor with Laurel and Jenny, talking tales from the pelvic floor, personal sound effects, a permission slip for doing nothing fully, crush encounters real and imagined, and how to prank like it’s 1999.

Ep. 19: Erin Cressida Wilson
| How to be an artist, feminist, mother, lover and cut a f*cking onion all at the same time. Award-winning screenwriter Erin Cressida Wilson (“Secretary,” “Fur,” “Chloe,” “Men, Women and Children”) goes deep with Laurel and Jenny.


Ep. 18: Masks Off | Laurel and Jenny talk portrayals of parenting, post beard-loss depression, and being put on a pedestal.


Ep. 17: I Object | Laurel and Jenny talk not doin’ what they don’t wanna do, sexual roots, and old fashioned love letters.


Ep. 16: The Barbie and the Beaver | Laurel and Jenny talk summering off the grid, World Cup reality breaks, and beach heroes.


Ep. 15: Orgasm on Your Body | Laurel and Jenny talk BJ whiplash, unsubscribing from wedding rings, and pep-free productivity.


Ep. 14: Bad Influence | Laurel and Jenny talk sex recapping, vagina revelations, and sleepover styles.


Ep. 13: You Do the Math | Laurel and Jenny talk Tupac, comfort zones, and spirit animals.


Ep. 12: Flirt With the World | Laurel and Jenny talk Bobby the Mason, hiring a mermaid, and a poverty of sexual experiences.


Ep. 11: The Machine | Laurel and Jenny talk prison boyfriends, daytime sex, and meaningless faces.


Ep. 10: Can’t Put a Cage On This | Laurel and Jenny talk placenta laziness, husband doppelgängers, and Jenny’s hard numbers.


Ep. 9: The NPR Episode-National Pussy Radio Presents Deep Talk with Laurel and Jenny | Laurel and Jenny talk sniffing men, Betty Booping, and post-birth vaginas.


Ep. 8: Tiny Protests | Laurel and Jenny talk earthquakes, pile watching, and period haircuts.


Ep. 7: Comin’ at Ya Like a Dark Horse | Laurel and Jenny talk close encounters, teenage dreams, and the value of a Fassbender dollar.


Ep. 6: Dance With Me | Laurel and Jenny talk “nice” voices, this month’s hero, and sexy bloodlines.


Ep. 5: Goin’ Winehouse | Laurel and Jenny walk the Winehouse line, survive on borrowed cheese, and fluff the world.


Ep. 4: The Descramblers | Laurel and Jenny ask what does it all mean, go on a “Fass-bender,” and descramble toddler subject hopping.


Ep. 3: Welcome to the Jungle | Laurel and Jenny talk pigeons, monkeys, and males in the wild.


Ep. 2: I’m Here for the Girdle | Laurel and Jenny get real real real about Madonna, poison control, and our hot ass figures.


Ep. 1: Perfect Day | Laurel and Jenny talk sex for watches and shit, your perfect day, goo goo menfolk, and cool moms.